"I am in my 60s, but I am not ready to retire. I left corporate America 5 years to run my own tax prep business, and I did pretty well at the beginning. The earnings were not enough to support my family and allow us to afford travel during the off months, and I actually missed working with peers in business. I had always been in the IT world, and I wanted to get back into the industry. I had a lot of concern, however, about my age, what I had missed during the 5 years away from IT, and if I could make as much as I had before I left. I was so worried that I was going to fail that I was nearly paralyzed. Fortunately, I found Decades, and they changed everything for me. First, they convinced me that I was not too old to go back to my field – they told me that my wisdom and business savvy were worth a lot to companies. Although IT departments are typically populated by young folks, there is still a great need for executives who have tested management skills and understanding of business. They told me that leadership had to be earned, and it wasn’t something that 20 year olds could offer. While working with Decades, they got me to remember my entire career in detail. I gained confidence. I realized that I could catch up on the latest technology quickly, but I already knew how to be a leader. I also commiserated with former colleagues to learn about the latest technologies and study up on them. The interviews I got were from companies that were really interested in what I had to offer, and I found a great job that did not require me to relocate."

- Tom B