"I was at the peak of my earning years, but I was in a senior management position at a company that was not making efforts to expand and grow. The people above me were happy in their jobs and not old enough to retire, so I felt stuck.  I started to put out feelers in my industry and posted my resume on a few job boards with no response. I spoke with Decades and learned that there were several high-salary positions available in my industry that were not advertised or posted anywhere. I signed up for their services and embarked on a journey of self-awareness and industry exploration. I was particularly impressed with the fact that the pros at Decades would remain engaged with me throughout the job search process for 2 years. Since I already had a job, I was not in a rush and was not in a position where I had to leap at the first offer to make my mortgage payment. We worked together for 4 months, with Decades marketing me several times. I had many interviews, but none of the offers I received were what I was seeking. Then the perfect opportunity arose from one of their targeted searches. I bounced ideas off of Decades staff and received some great advice about negotiating the best salary and benefit package. I got the offer and am now the President of a medium sized engineering firm that is poised to expand substantially. I have stock options, a great salary, and I am really happy. I plan to stay with this firm until retirement."

- Todd R