"I was a bit surprised when the Decades representative asked me to verify my most recent salary.  She actually interviewed me to ensure that I met the qualifications to be a client. Now that I understand their process and how much time and work they invest in clients, I realize that this was a good idea. They only work with executives who have proven success, strong backgrounds, and good attitudes about work and their chosen professions.  They don’t want to waste my time or theirs, and that is unique in the business world of today. The firm works with clients for up to 2 years in case they find a job and don’t like it after a while. That is amazing to me. Many firms just write a resume and offer very little support afterwards. Decades team members are there for you and will advise you on any areas you might question like how to present a positive explanation of why you left a job, how to answer questions about your weaknesses, how to tie your volunteer efforts into what you do professionally, and many other areas. They are always very professional, but you know that they really care about your success and helping you in any way."

- Scott C