"I had retired from the military and entered the civilian world, and I was not happy with the position I had found. I am only in my early 50s, so I had a long career ahead of me, but I wasn’t receiving any response to the resumes I was sending out. I felt frustrated and was regretting my retirement. My Army career had been in logistics and involved making sure that the necessary vehicles and weapons were in place for our soldiers around the world. The team I led was efficient and aware of the critical nature of our work; soldiers’ lives depended on us, and we too it very seriously. The new civilian position was also in the logistics area, but there was little accountability, and deliveries arriving late were the norm. Unfortunately my management gave me little support and authority to fix things, and mediocre performance was acceptable. I started working with Decades specialists and was happy to find that they had a lot of experience helping former military officers find civilian positions. They “got it” that I insist on efficiency and a strong work ethic, and accountability. I worked with Decades for 9 months while I was still in the unpleasant job, not because they didn’t find me options, but because I had high standards for the next company I would join. Happily, they found me an executive position with a company that has a great reputation for timely logistics, supplying equipment to contractors in the same parts of the world where our soldiers are stationed. The criticality of ensuring that the equipment and replacement parts was on time was very similar to my mission in the Army. I have been able to improve all of the company’s metrics and lower their shipping costs substantially. It is a great fit, and I have Decades to thank for sticking with me and finding a company that was a great fit for me."

- Sam C