"I negotiated a great package with my former employer. I received severance and health insurance for a full year, and they kept me on the roster so that I could say I was employed.  They also offered to pay for a placement company’s services to help me find another job. I found Decades, and we started working together right away. Their approach is so different from other companies that offer to help you find a new job. Yes, they write all your literature, but not until they have spent many hours on the phone with you learning about you personally and professionally. My mentors asked probing questions and found common threads in my career that I had never thought about. We talked and talked, and they even coached me on how to discuss certain parts of my resume in the best light. The Executive Profile they developed for me was spot on and really told my story. They don’t use templates; they developed my profile to represent me as a unique executive with much to offer.  Decades sent my profile out several times, and I started getting solid interview requests after the second campaign. It was good to know that I could call a mentor to discuss offers I received. I am now the CFO of a financial services company, and I am so happy with my new role. Decades helped me realize that my experience as a CFO was the most important aspect of my career, not the industry. I am a quick learner and was up to speed on financial services in about 4 months, but I was able to start enhancing the operations of my department immediately. I run a tight ship, and I have the respect of my team and other executives in the firm.  I highly recommend this service to high level executives."

Larry P