"My entire career has been in manufacturing operations. I always enjoyed my work, but my favorite experiences were setting up new factories overseas. I really like to start from scratch and find a location, supervise construction, hire staff, and get the plant operating efficiently. I especially like the Far East and have many great contacts in China, Malaysia, and the Philippines.  My most recent employer made OEM auto parts and accessories, and, at that point in time, the auto industry was in a bad way. I could see the writing on the wall and realized that my plant would be substantially downsized or closed altogether. Decades representatives found my resume on a job board and contacted me to see what I was looking for. We discussed my love of overseas work, and they used their extensive network to find a company that was in the throes of building a new plant in China to manufacture molded plastic parts for desktop work-spaces. It was a perfect fit for me, and I landed a COO position for overseas operations. I started the Chinese factory and am now planning a new plant to be constructed in Malaysia. I have great decision-making authority, and I am enjoying the work enormously. I am single, so being away for months at a time is fine with me, and I am enjoying the immersion in Asian culture. I have good opportunities to travel all over that part of the world, and I am really happy. Thanks, Guys!"

- Hank F