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We were previously retained by corporations to assist their recently downsized executives in finding work elsewhere. We then moved over to the "retail" side of the executive search industry (i.e., retained by executives) with the formation of Decades. Over the years, Decades has worked alternately on behalf of both corporations and high-level professionals, consistently facilitating lasting matches that benefit all concerned.

Extending beyond the limitations of traditional search methodologies (which generally have insufficient time and energy to focus on any particular candidate), we work extensively with each and every client. We painstakingly evaluate your past roles, experience, accomplishments and skills. 

This enables our team to expertly package you and any transferable skills in a manner that presents you in the best possible light. 

After the various marketing materials have been created, edited and approved, our team executes a customized, highly-targeted Marketing Program. As necessary, we subsequently launch multiple campaigns through our many available professional channels. 


We have proven to be extremely effective. We have considerable reach into every segment of the today's job market. Our organization works with only top executives and professional leaders who are indeed ready for their next and best opportunity available.

Why You Need Us

In this challenging job market, an unprecedented number of high-level executives are discovering "the old, learned behavior" just doesn't seem to cut it any longer. The traditional methodologies that historically worked in previous job markets (recruiters, placement, outplacement and search firms) are too often proving insufficient. 


Extended lapses on one's resume (especially of six months or more) can inflict lasting damage to one's "hirability". 


For hiring managers sifting through thousands of resumes and conducting scores of interviews, applicants can easily begin resembling carbon copies of one another. They see a lot of hype and headlines, but

cannot grasp the real substance of the majority of the candidates.

Our team goes to great lengths to thoroughly document each of our client's careers, from their very beginnings, deriving value propositions for everything they have since accomplished.  We often unearth previously unconsidered skillsets that can go a long way to truly seperate you from others seeking the same opportunities. 

We help those hiring parties see the full scope of the person behind the resume... because when they discover the full measure of our well-presented clients, real progress follows!